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Mind Control: The Ultimate Revelation

Book Cover - Mind Control: The Ultimate Revelation

ISBN 978-0-9554971-0-0
(Book Printed in January 2007)

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This book is a Compilation of 12 of the Most Powerful Mind Control Effects Available!

A Professionally Produced ebook explaining the principles, performance, and secrets to each effect, with complete revelation of the methods used. Find out exactly how he does it in easy to understand English!

Everything is comprehensively explained, it is suitable even if you have no prior knowledge.

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Mind Control, NLP & Hypnosis

Book Cover - Mind Control, NLP & Hypnosis

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This is another of our publications that blows away the Professional Misdirection of the industry.

A Detailed Explanation of NLP, Hypnosis, & other Techniques used in Mind Control performances, including Pattern Interrupts, Indirect Suggestion, Subliminal Persuasion, Anchoring, and more!

A Professionally written ebook explaining the principles, and techniques . A Complete explaination of the scripts, theory, methods, & more. Suitable for complete beginners.

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Mind Control: The Ultimate Revelation and NLP & Hypnosis Book Covers

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Lying & Cheating:

Book Cover - Lying & Cheating

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Do you suspect that someone is being economical with the truth? Don't continue to worry, buy this ebook & learn the principles of NLP & Body Language & know for sure whether people are lying to you.

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With Thousands of satisfied customers, you can be sure that you will receive true Value for Money. Even if you have no previous knowledge you will easily be able to follow these clear and detailed instructions. Not only is the technique explained in depth, the performance is also considered and the script analysed in detail to explain why it is structured in such a way.

Support and further discussion is freely available.

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Each effect is explained step by step through the performance. No props, equipment, preparation, or years of training is required. Each can be performed totally impromptu, anytime, any place, making you a Master of Mind Control overnight!

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(AG UK April 2007)

"I was half expecting to get ripped off, but when cracked open the book I couldn't put it down till I reached the end. I have read through far larger books without getting half of the material that your books provide."
(CH Canada April 2007)

Book: Lying & Cheating Mind Control, NLP & Hypnosis