The Ultimate Revelation

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ISBN 978-0-9554971-0-0

Why Don't they want You to read this book?

Book Cover - Mind Control: The Ultimate Revelation

Originally released in 2007:
ISBN 978-0-9554971-0-0

Mind Control: The Ultimate Revelation was released as a paperback book in 2007 with an initial print run of 5500 illustrated copies, all printed on silk art paper.

There are now just 100 43 copies left, & we won't be printing any more, instead we have released an instantly downloadable ebook version.

These remaining 100 43 copies are all signed & numbered 1 to 100, & are available to collectors of magic books at £35 each (including all P&P).

Once that they have gone, there will be no more & you will have a unique & collectable book that has caused a tremendous amount of uproar in Magic & Mind Control Circles.

We will occassionally produce new material, we have a couple of special items coming soon.

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*Books 1 - 100 will be assigned randomly so that you don't need to be the first customer to get #1


(AG UK April 2007)

"Excellent book. Hope u don't sell to many, cause everyone will be in the know :)"
(BDT UK April 2007)

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