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Mind Control is Fascinating. Have you been Amazed by people who can Read someones Thoughts, Control their Behaviour, and Manipulate them with seemingly Supernatural Powers?

If you have puzzled over how on Earth they do it, Wished that you knew the Secrets, & Wanted to be able to Easily Control people in the same way, then this book,
Mind Control: The Ultimate Revelation, is exactly what You've been looking for.

The book is the result of years of research, practice, & perfection and reveals the fiercely guarded Secrets and Techniques used to achieve these seemingly impossible feats. Here's What You Will Receive:

Revealed in Mind Control: The Ultimate Revelation


The Lapdancer Effect

You'll have a very Powerful effect on people when you perform this. Imagine yourself approaching a Beautiful woman and convincing her that she felt you touch her, even after you've moved to the other end of the room. Unbelievably to her, everyone will confirm that you did not touch her! As seen on TV & used as a demonstration of Telepathy. Can be performed with a spiritualist angle if desired, no props, no gimmicks, no stooges - works 100% of the time, totally impromptu. Great for impressing Girls or Winning Drinks. Or Both!

real mind reading

Real Mind Reading

Using the Psychological science of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), you ask your volunteer to recall 3 memories, then to concentrate on just one of them. No matter which one they're thinking of, you'll know! This works every time, no stooges, writing, peeks, etc - Direct Mind Reading at its best. The necessary principles of NLP are clearly explained. A True Mind Reading Performance using Psychology, NLP, and Body Language.

windows to your soul

The Windows to Your Soul

Another impromptu method to acheive Direct Mind Reading. By observing your volunteers Body Language, you can determine a chosen card, object, name, etc. Can be used in a variety of situations with no preparation, props, stooges, or other aids. Another Psychological masterpiece, simple to perform. Again this is a True Mind Reading Effect that will baffle virtually everyone.

psychological coin guess

Psychological Coin Prediction

The now infamous effect where your volunteer holds a coin in one of their hands behind their back. They bring their arms out to the front and time after time you can tell them which hand the coin is in! But this version has a twist! You then take the coin and make the volunteer guess incorrectly 4 times. On the 5th attempt you verbally apply Subliminal Persuasion techniques to make them get it right!

telepathic arm lift

Telepathic Arm Lift

This is a very Powerful Technique. You take 2 volunteers, stand them so that they cannot see each other, and "hypnotise" them, instructing one of them to telepathically control the other. The first volunteer raises an arm - the arm of the second volunteer instantly rises too. The first volunteer lowers their arm - and again, the second volunteers arm instantly mirrors the movement! A fantastic, ingeneous method that is a cornerstone of mentalism - very, very easy!

subliminal force technique

Subliminal Force Technique

As close to true Mind Control as it is possible to get. By applying Subliminal Techniques you can persuade a volunteer to pick the specific playing card which you already have in your pocket. includes a simple foolproof backup, just in case!

reading the future

Reading The Future

Here are 2 simple methods to acheive this very impressive Headline Prediction effect. Days, Weeks, even Months ahead, you write a prediction and seal it inside an envelope that you leave with a witness - You never touch the envelope again. On the agreed date the envelope is opened by the holder or a nominated third party, and it predicts the wording on a certain page of a specific newspaper. Upon checking the newspaper in question, the text is indeed as predicted! An astounding example of your psychic ability to predict the future - Another name maker! Often used to generate publicity because of the seemingly impossible nature of the effect. NO STOOGES, Switches, etc.

mental diary

Mental Diary

Get your volunteer to look up a date, either past or present, and you can instantly tell them which day of the week that date fell upon. Convince people that you have a super computer for a brain, a very easy effect to master & perform. No gimmicks, equipment, stooges, etc. Completely impromptu. Works 100% of the time.

impossible prediction

Impossible Prediction

Ask your participant to just think of one of the standard playing cards. Show that on your mobile you have stored the number for "The Ghost" (or some other ethereal entity). Dial the number and when the Ghost answers hand over the phone. He/She tells the participant the very card that they've just thought of! No texts, premium no's, button presses, etc. An Absolutely Simple, yet devastating effect that Works EVERY time.

sampson and delilah

Sampson & Delilah

Similar to a performance seen on TV. You take a Big, Strong looking bruiser and get him to lift your lightly built assistant off the floor - easy. You now do the obligatory hypnotism / Mind Controlling and tell them to wait (pronounced "weight"). Hey presto, struggle as he might he's as weak as a kitten and can't budge her! Very easy and very impressive demonstration of your Mind Control Powers. Works 100% of the time.

real mind control

REAL Mind Control

This may sound like an excessive claim, but make no mistake, this is REAL Mind Control at work, possibly fringing on the Paranormal ! It may sound like an impossibility, but you can make a spefically chosen cloud de-materialise with the power of your mind, and you obviously CANNOT be cheating. This is Astounding. I have no real idea why it works, but believe me it does! A fascinating and awe inspiring effect! No props, gimmicks, or stooges are even possible. A real name maker! (I've had so many emails from people who've sceptically tried this, then been gobsmacked, & even worried by the results!).

dual reality

Dual Reality

An amazing demonstration of your powers of Mind Control & Paranormal abilities using a deck of cards & 2 volunteers - this is a little known but very powerful effect. Totally self working, no skills necessary whatsoever!

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Support and further discussion is freely available.

Each effect is explained step by step through the performance. No props, equipment, preparation, or years of training is required. Each can be performed totally impromptu, anytime, any place, making you a Master Mentalist overnight!

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